Word FSM is here!

Building and updating financial statements
 with Microsoft ® Word is now automated!

                         The perfect tool to prepare professional financial statements and annual reports. more on WordFSM >>
Excel FSM is here!

Building and updating financial statements
 with Microsoft ® Excel is now automated!


                         A universal financial statement writer and a powerful Trial Balance program. more on ExcelFSM >>

NEW:  General Ledger Drill Down   

Reduce the time auditors spend in the enterprise with this unique tool that links the general ledger transactions to the financial statements, in Excel.
more on GL Drill Down >>

It is paradigm-shifting for auditors, accountants, financial officers and business managers!

See What Some Users Are Saying

I used the GL drill down option and it is awesome.
Business Manager of a school - UK

We looked at other reporting software but it did not provide the flexibility and formatting options needed when producing more in depth financial reporting. ExcelFSM is what every CPA should be using!
MaryBeth R. Massimino, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - Massachusetts, USA

I am very pleased with the software and the real time savings are becoming more apparent now that we are in the second year of financials with little or no account setup necessary.
Stewart Mather, SRM Accounting & Tax Solutions - Alberta, Canada

a GREAT program for excel based financial reporting/auditing. There's nothing even close to it on the market.
Michael Russell, Controller Steelcon Inc.- Michigan, USA

the program is excellent and it will save me a ton of time.
Bob Titus, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - Florida, USA

ExcelFSM is a brilliant tool to produce financial statements and is well worth the money. The product is very simple to use and provides a detailed audit trail of the journal postings which I love! Thank you for making accounts production so much easier.
Rachael Adshead, Financial accountant Outsourcery - UK

Getting on really well with it – fantastic tool. The beauty of the FSM product is in many ways its ease of use and the straightforward mechanism in terms of designing reports. Your product is still the reason that I can justify using excel over things like Crystal reporting tools and other databases. In essence it gives the accountant flexibility without the need to resort to the IT Dept. specialists.
Mark Marshall, Finance Director Adams Morey Ltd - UK

Thanks for developing this tool. Much appreciated. Very useful tool.
Ashok George - Mumbai, India

Program works great. I have been using excel to prepare financials for many years. Your software can save me many hours during the course of a year.
Stewart Mather - Alberta, Canada

Your product is great and I am looking forward to the release of your WordFSM.
Wayne Wessels, Chartered Accountant (CA) - Brisbane, Australia

I sure love your program for my QB clients who I do financials for.
Richard Moore, CPA, QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor - Tennessee, USA

The end results mentioned in the help file are exactly what all accountants want.
Alvaro Alpuche, Fellow International Accountant (FAIA) - Belize

I'm really enjoying the program. It's making my job a lot easier!
Doug Pancoast, Director of Finance Lake Ann Camp - Michigan, USA

The standard QuickBooks reports aren’t always what I need. This software lets me format my report any way I want – I have total control in Excel. I can pick what QuickBooks accounts are included in what values – and they can be cash flow type values (differences between two periods) or balances of accounts – all in the same report. Then once everything is set up, a few weeks later when we’ve updated our QuickBooks data, this software easily reads everything again from QuickBooks, and my reports are again current.
I downloaded it, played with it for less than an hour, wrote an email to the support people to ask three questions – I got a phone call back within an hour with positive answers to my questions and suggestions on how to make my life easier. I’m impressed.
Mike Pryslak - Tennessee, USA

I did download the trial version in January and liked it so much that I decided to buy the annual licence. Zia Shah, Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) - UK

ExcelFSM is a unique solution for preparing customized financial statements, including:
For Non-Profit Organizations · Cash Flow Statements
Consolidated F/S · Periodic F/S · Budgeted F/S · Comparative F/S · Etc.

Click Here And Download Your FREE 30-Day Trial!

Plus – ExcelFSM supports QuickBooks ® software,
providing Excel with direct access to trial balance data from QuickBooks
and handling QuickBooks Classes!   click here to see how
About FSM

Millions of people worldwide prepare financial statements every day (annual f/s, periodic f/s, forecasted f/s, budgeted f/s, pro forma f/s, analytical f/s).

Some use expensive and complicated financial reporting software, while others rely on their usual word processor and spreadsheet software. These wide-open designing and formatting tools provide a tremendous amount of flexibility in building financial statements; however, use of these tools cannot overcome several limitations. They: 1) are not integrated with the accounting data; 2) require a substantial amount of data manipulation; 3) make it harder to ensure completeness of the financial statements without excessive review; 4) cannot automatically update the financial statements. The current process is not only time-consuming, but must be continually repeated.

The patented technology within the Financial Statement Module removes these limitations and transforms office tools into powerful, flexible, inexpensive and easy-to-use financial reporting software.

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