ExcelFSM: Trial Balance and General Ledger with QuickBooks Classes

In QuickBooks accounting software, classes can be assigned to transactions.

One problem faced by auditors, accountants, business managers and financial officers is QuickBooks does not produce a trial balance with classes.

ExcelFSM provides a unique solution by producing a Trial Balance AND a General Ledger WITH classes, from QuickBooks.


Clicking the 'Read Trial Balance Data' button,
'QuickBooks Desktop' or 'QuickBooks Online' being selected,
'With GL transactions' being selected,

and the checkbox '_With Classes' being checked in the following dialog,

the classes appear in the Chart of Accounts and Trial Balance, identified by " | <Class name>:<Subclass name>" inserted at the end of the account's title,

and with the ExcelFSM General Ledger Drill Down, you get the account detail per class,

as well as the complete General Ledger with classes.

Thanks to the Reading Organizing and Manipulating Accounting Data (ROMAD) patent, this drill down is done in the commonly used Excel!

 ExcelFSM GLDrillDown - for QuickBooks users (1:00)      MP4      YouTube

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