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ExcelFSM is an easy to install, easy to use, and easy to learn add-in for Microsoft Excel which brings the FSM's unique and universal patented method to millions of worldwide users, who build and update financial reports every day.

The enhanced Excel spreadsheet software is now a fully integrated financial report generator, where the financial reports are automatically updated with the accounting data of the following periods (e.g. next day, next week, next month, etc.).

The enhanced Excel spreadsheet software is also a Trial Balance Program:  creating, grouping and adjusting a trial balance to prepare financial statements, tax returns and their working papers.

ExcelFSM provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in building customized financial reports, such as:

Non typical financial statements such as Non-Profit Organizations

Statements of Cash Flow

Comparative Quarterly financial statements

Consolidated financial statements


while ensuring their completeness without excessive review.  Its innovative invention is paradigm shifting for financial officers, financial departments, business managers, entrepreneurs and accounting firms, reducing the amount of time spent preparing and reviewing financial reports.

ExcelFSM is affordable and quickly pays dividends in terms of time and cost saved.




The Financial Statement Module Patent describes a unique and universal method to build financial reports with a computer for any type of business or organization (The Method).  It also provides the capacity to read, organize, and manipulate the accounting data of any accounting software (Business Intelligence) and offers a General Ledger Drill Down feature.

The FSM invention was submitted for patent protection to an art unit of the United States Patent Office, where the allowance rate is only 16% [see "Business method patents for financial products"], and has been granted Patent 7,139,729.


The ROMAD (Reading, Organizing and Manipulating Accounting Data) patent 7,885,868 tells more about the FSM Business Intelligence capacity.